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The LUMMA products are recognized for amazingly fine craftsmanship since the year 1987. The carefully selected high quality materials and the input of worldwide renowned designers result in the distinctive look and first-class craftsmanship of the LUMMA design refinement programs.

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The first prototypes are produces by hand at the in-house modelling department and are more than rigorously optimized. To ensure that the design and functionality deliver optimal performance full function tests and measurements are implemented. All processes are subject to the meticulous eyes of the skilled specialists and the conformity to the strict ISO standards. The passion and the craftsmanship make LUMMA Design globally recognised brand in the field of vehicle refinement. Find out about the various individualisation options and experience “Individuality – Made in Winterlingen”.

Full function tests and measurements guarantee the optimal performance of design and functionality. The photos display leg impact experiments to test the pedestrian safety.[/expander_maker]


From a young age Horst Lumma was fascinated with automobiles and it resulted in him constructing a self-developed racing kart. In the year 1987 Horst Lumma directed his passion into establishing his own company LUMMA – a company for automotive tuning and service. He adds the service of rebuilding cars for his first customers next to the existing tire business in his parents’ garage.

LUMMA CONVERTIBLE ENGINEERING & DESIGN (LUMMA CABRIOTECHNIK&DESIGN) progressed into an authority for convertible and pickup conversions in the early 90s.

The full cabriolet conversions based on BMW 02 series and the 3 Series (type E21 and E30) were the leading service at the time.

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The first LUMMA accessories designed were entrance borders and floor mats which made further individualisation of converted vehicles possible.The full convertible conversion of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé (type W140) of 1996, which served as an inspiration for its clients due to fully electric roof construction and incomparable elegance, was one of the exclusive pieces at the time.

LUMMA Design concentrated on the development and distribution of rebuilding programs for vehicles in the upper segment with the start of the new millennium.

A wide range of optical and technical performance products for vehicles of BMW, Porsche and Range Rover is what LUMMA Design has on offer today – MADE IN GERMANY.[/expander_maker]