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Our story starts way back in 2006 when Pitlane Online Tuning Shop was founded. Back then, we where a small team of 2 car enthusiasts who love their cars, loved modifying them and turned their hobby into a career. Things were not easy back then as the web, social media and online advertising were not so developed. It was not easy to find the goodies for your beloved car and and we wanted to change that.

Our first online tuning shop was launched in 2006 and it took quite some time for it to start working.

Gaining popularity was not easy and several years passed before people started to find us and to order parts for their cars.

Our main goal was to offer all the coolest stuff and products from the best brands for our customers, but that was no easy task as not many of the premium tuning brands responded to our inquiries and shipping was really really hard as most of the stuff such as bumpers, bonnets and etc. were in really big boxes and regular courier services would not accept them.

Nevertheless, our expertise in logistics from previous jobs helped us to find ways and routes to deliver even to the most remote places in the world.

Our goal was to give our customer the ability to order items from the best tuning companies and for us to fulfil his order in the quickest and cheapest possible way so that he can equip his beloved ride with the finest products there is.

Since then we have updated our site several times and added and removed numerous products from lots and lots for tuning parts producers.

We are vey proud that we have successfully delivered products to hundreds of customers in over 38 countries around the globe and that we can keep helping people modify their cars with the best parts available.

Our online shop has already been working for over 14 years and we have always tried to improve things in order to provide the best service, so for 2020 we have decided to make a radical change which we believe to be a major milestone in our company’s history.

We believe that an online shop is no longer a good solution for the premium tuning parts that we offer as cars are becoming more and more complicated and packed with technologies and it would not be easy for the customer to buy the right parts without the professional advice, checking with the producer of the parts, checking with the producer of the car and only then providing the correct parts for your vehicle.

So, for that reason we have changed from an online shop to a website where you can browse and select the items for your car, add them to a cart and send as an inquiry with your full contact details and information about your car.

After that, our team of experts with handle each inquiry personally and do all the necessary checks in order to provide the correct parts, best possible shipping solution, and an offer for your order both in Euros and in your local currency.

Once all is clear and we agree on all details, we will send you all payment details and your order can be processed. Soon after that you will received the parts for your dream car.

We believe that if our team is personally involved in your ordering process, we will be able to provide a much better service for our customers.

Thank you! And we hope to be able to fulfil your goal to make your car faster and more enjoyable to drive.

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auto tuning, About us, Pitlane Tuning Shop


auto tuning, About us, Pitlane Tuning Shop


auto tuning, About us, Pitlane Tuning Shop